Commercial Services

Northwoods Sodding has a combined 45+ years of experience in working with highway construction contractors on Minnesota Department of Transportation projects all over Northern Minnesota. These projects consist of temporary grassing, permanent grassing, mulching, silt fence, and all matting installation to meet all of types of erosion control specs. Northwoods Sodding has grassed and provided erosion control on many of the largest road construction projects in the history of Northern Minnesota, such as the mega I-35 project in Duluth MN. Not only have we completed many road construction projects; we have also worked on industrial and commercial sites, such as at UMD and St. Scholastica Colleges. Our people, experience, and knowledge are unmatched in the field. For an expanded list of projects we have worked on in the past, please click on the section labeled Projects.

We are confident that we can provide you with the most comprehensive landscape and winter services with a depth of experience that is unmatched in Northern Minnesota. Call us today for more information or to inquire about a quote for your next project!


Hydro-seeding, which is sometimes also called hydraulic mulch seeding, hydro-mulching, or hydra-seeding, is a planting process in which a slurry containing seed, mulch, fertilizer, and a bonding agent is sprayed onto the ground. This is a very economical and efficient method of spraying this wetted mixture on bare hillsides and slopes to hold it in place until the ground cover germinates and mature.

Northwoods Sodding maintains a fleet of hydro-seeders for installation of seeds, BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix), wood fiber, mulch, and SFM (Stabilized Fiber Matrix) products from all leading manufacturers.

Hydroseeding has many advantages to the traditional process of sowing dry seed. The advantages include:

  • Promotes quick germination
  • Inhibits soil erosion
  • Better seed to soil contact
  • Contains no weed seed unlike straw or hay
  • Hillsides and difficult areas to dry seed can be done easily
  • Holds soil in place better than dry seeding
  • Better moisture retention
  • Very cost-effective alternative to sod
  • Offers significant cost savings and many other benefits

At Northwoods Sodding, we provide only the best hydro-seeding service and will not take short cuts. When you call us for a quote, we are going to provide one for a quality stand of grass at a reasonable price. Not only that, but all of our work is guaranteed. Our reputation and the reputation of our hydro-seeding are extremely important to us.

Erosion Control Blanket/Slope Stabilization

Erosion Control Blankets provide temporary ground cover in channels and on slopes while the permanent vegetation germinates and matures. They also provide seed protection, moisture retention, slope protection, and water velocity reduction. These blankets come in different grades to accommodate various lengths, pitches, and water velocities. We can help you select the best blanket for your needs.

Silt Fencing

Silt fencing is one of the most common sediment barriers. It comes in various grades that are designed for different areas being protected, estimated flow rates, and the duration of your project. Wire reinforcement and steel posts can be used in critical areas. Northwoods can help you select the best silt fencing for your project


Northwoods Sodding offers turfgrass and sod installation services for commercial projects of any size. As leading commercial sod installers, we have the experience and equipment needed to take on any size sod installation project. We utilize large size sod rolls for turfgrass installation projects including on athletic fields or golf courses. This allows large projects to be completed in shorter times and helps the sod to take root more quickly, which can shorten the wait time before a field is ready for playing. As commercial sod contractors, we can also complete sod installation projects for any type of commercial property including on land surrounding warehouse buildings, retail centers, office buildings, and more

We offer our sod installation and grading services throughout the Northern Minnesota area. If you are interested in sod installation for your commercial property, we are the sod installation contractor for you.


Northwoods Sodding provides all materials and labor needed to implement an effective SWPPP following best management practices (BMPs) for residential or commercial construction sites from vegetative solutions to poly rock gravel bags, straw wattles, straw blankets, silt fences, and construction entrance

Turf and Green Roofs

A green roof is a conventional roof that has been enhanced with a waterproof membrane, a drainage system an a growing medium which is then covered in vegetation. Like any planted area, green roofs experience periods of growth, flowering and dormancy, and so they are sometimes referred to as living roofs. Green roof installation is on the rise thanks to well documented economic, social and environmental benefits, but they are not a new phenomenon as some of the earliest documented green roofs date back to the sod roofs found in Scandinavia during the Viking and Middle Ages.

The environmental benefits of turf and green roofs are widely recognized, while roof gardens and roof terraces provide much-needed outdoor space in urban areas.

Due to the high degree of insulation that they provide, green roofs are known for their ability to provide an extremely constant temperature throughout the ear. During the winter they keep the heat in, and in the summer they provide a relatively cool environment. Green roofs also have the ability to soften harsh edges of buildings in sensitive environments, making them blend in with the surrounding area.

Winter Services

Northwoods Sodding takes an active approach to our Snow and Ice Management. Available on a 24-hour basis, we strive to provide a safe environment during any inclement weather. We also provide a complete package of snow removal services. This includes snow plowing and parking lot ice melt applications. In addition to clean removals, our clients benefit from the reliability and availability of our staff to lead the way with the use of de-icing products that are safer for pets, people, and the environment, with a quicker and lower melting point

Northwoods Sodding provides snow plowing services to commercial, industrial and multifamily sites in and around Duluth, MN. We have the resources and the experience to provide you with timely snow plowing services.